All of the love letters from my incredible clients. I am beyond grateful to know, work with, and be trusted by each and every one of you.
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unprofessional business. Never received my reading or any type of update no matter how much I waited

Never received

I have never received my report. I have messaged Kayla multiple times with no response. When I go to my profile it says forfilled, but I have received nothing but a thank you sticker. I am writing this review in hopes for a quick resolution.


I was so looking forward to a reading from Kayla. Upon ordering I was told it would take 10 days. It has now been almost a month. I have politely reached our numerous times via email and social media with no response at all. I am very understanding and patient but do not think it is fair to take a $297 payment and then ghost a person with no kind of response or communication. I have requested for a refund and still have not received any communication or money back. Life happens and it’s hard to run your own business at time but you could at least take a moment to respond to a message or communicate to some level. Disappointing.

Kind and professional

When I placed my order I was sent an email that I would be getting my reading in 10 days, however, I hadn’t received my reading and it was a month out. I reached out and Kayla was responsive, professional, kind, and so apologetic. She let me know that she had some personal things come up and I was sure she was overwhelmed with all of her orders as she seems to do an incredible job. These things happen even to people who you don’t think it would happen to. People who run a business have personal things come up at times that they cannot communicate. Please remember to just be kind and more understanding, especially in a time we are currently in.

** I will add a follow-up after reviewing my birth chart reading!!! I am so excited.

Beautiful Reading

Kayla’s reading was incredibly detailed and so thoughtfully explained. She is so passionate about astrology and it shows in her readings. Kayla, thank you so much for your time and the beautiful reading your provided!

everything resonated so well

everything kayla said confirmed how i’ve been feeling! the reading was long and detailed.

Gabrielle Monaghan

Went into it with a completely open mind and oh my god I was shook to my core. Kayla has such a calming tone in her voice and it really felt like I was listening to a good friend give me a reality check!

It's all starting to click now! Thank you, Kayla <3

I received this birth chart reading from Kayla a bit over a year ago and while at the time most of what she said resonated with me, it didn't completely click for me then. Fast forward to now and I'm beginning to feel a shift within me that's gradually getting more intense- like I'm at a crossroads in life, so theres a lot of confusion about what direction I should be taking (mainly in my career). I randomly remembered Kayla's reading and decided to listen to it again, which turned out to be exactly what I needed- one year later and it's clear now that Kayla hit the nail on the head with my reading.

Hearing Kayla read my chart was like hearing someone who knows me much better than I know myself tell me who I really am at my core- my deepest desires, my deepest fears, but most importantly, my potential. I know I've been repressing myself in many ways which is hindering me from moving forward in my life, and Kayla was able to bring to the forefront of my mind the ways in which I am holding back. It was an honest reading but it was also encouraging- the dreams I have for myself have always felt too big for me so it was reassuring to hear from Kayla that the path I want for myself is the path I'm meant to be on.

I am super impressed with my reading! Before this, even though I enjoyed astrology, I didn't completely believe in it 100% (especially birth chart readings) but now I'm fully convinced this is legit and it's so cool to learn about. Kayla is so talented and skilled, I definitely plan on going to her again in the future. I'm so glad I got this gift for myself and so grateful to Kayla for the reading and all the supportive messaged throughout it <3

Maria Sandoval
Order was not fulfilled

I have been waiting for my order to be fulfilled and it never did. I emailed for a follow up and did not get a response instead I received an email to complete a survey. Really hard to get a hold of anyone smh


I asked and received a general reading, which was detailed and a lot of stuff was on point, some of it was about the future, which I wasn't expecting to hear, but curious to see how the next few weeks/ months play out.

Will book other readings

Kayla is honestly so amazing, I really enjoyed my reading. I listened to it twice, once in October and again today in March, and I just have to commend her for how organized and thorough it is.

After listening to it again, i can confirm that I left this reading feeling fulfilled (unlike with some other readings I’ve had) and inspired. I loved the different perspectives that she provided and how she connected things as she went along. It’s a great reading to have to look back on and listen to during different stages of life (even if it’s just a few months apart).

She’s super kind and personable, and if you’re hesitant I promise you won’t regret it, I highly recommend booking a reading.


My first reading with Kayla and she basically, in the most sweetest way, read me for filth 😭 she did not sugarcoat anything and shined light on things I have been ignoring and need to work on. I will definitely be booking with her again. I truly appreciated her honesty even it’s something I didn’t want to hear but I really needed to.


I have gotten many readings in the past but kayla takes it to another level ! she is amazing and so detailed and doesn’t sugarcoat anything, i genuinely loved mine and it has helped me understand my situation better. I think i’ll only be getting readings from her now


I have done my own readings. And gotten one other from a friend before but I very much wanted one from an unbiased professional. And OMG. Not me crying 4 minutes in. This is explained so well. So detailed and definitely was verbalized in a way that was understandable and friendly there was advice sprinkled in and it was very welcomed. I always love another persons point of view and her not knowing me helped me feel like the advice was neutral and honest and not just what I need to hear for comfort. Amazing. Very eye opening. Very on point. Her voice is so calm and sweet and cozy. Thank you for this Kayla. Truly such a light!

Jade Nguyen

I came across Kayla on TikTok and wanted to book a tarot reading with her because I've never done one before. She gave off this energy that was welcoming, warming, safe. Let me just say all 10 cards and her explanation of the cards were spot on to the littlest detail. I was shocked and honestly at a loss for words. I watched it over and over. It's crazy how intuitive she is with readings and she actually truly cares despite how much she's being booked. If you were thinking about booking a reading with her, DO IT. It's definitely worth the wait. I also purchased her birth chart reading and can't wait to receive it. Thank you Kayla <3


I for my reading about two months ago and at the moment I honestly was not ready to hear all that Kayla had to say but let me tell you she says it how it is! I’ve gone back to my reading a few times and it is so accurate. I definitely recommend and take all she has to say with an open mind and heart


You will not regret your reading!!!

I have recommended Kayla to friends, family, and coworkers.

She provides so much insight and knowledge that it’s impossible to retain all of the information in one listen. I also really enjoyed how she kept trying to guess what I did for a living as we uncovered more and more information! It was fun to hear the perspective and compare it to what I actually do. It made it feel much more personal then other readings. Thanks Kayla!! You’re the best ❤️

A true talent

Kayla was so spot on & touched on things I wasn't even sharing out loud with any human. RUN, don't walk, to book a reading with her.

Emma DeBono
Such a wonderful reading!

Kayla is an expert at what she does. While at first I was unsure what the cards were referring to, like she says, they all start to make sense and align a few weeks down the line. And the accuracy was astonishing. Listening back I'm floored by what she got right. I'd recommend a reading by her to anyone I know, especially if you are feeling stuck. Thank you so much, Kayla! I will definitely be reaching out again :)

Brianna Reisenwitz
Tarot Reading

I’ve ordered from Kayla multiple times now and she’s always so on point! She explains the cards and then talks through a few scenarios to try to pinpoint what’s going on in my life. Some parts were scarily accurate and exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve bought readings from her multiple times and definitely will continue to in the future! Highly recommend!


I found Kayla on TIkTok and was skeptical at first but I REGRET NOTHING! The accuracy of the reading gave me goosebumps! The way she quite literally read my life like a book from start to finish left me with my jaw dropped!! I've had so many tarot readings and this was one of the most accurate readings ever, you could tell that the universe was quite literally speaking through her, I am absolutely amazed and baffled at how good Kayla is!!!

Incredible as always

Kayla’s accuracy and relevance is unmatched. I love that she does the reading as if we are besties just getting the tea from the universe. LOVE LOVE LOVE

I am SHOOK!!

Ok Kayla is always spot on, her accuracy creeps me out! In a good way 🤣 I had very vague questions but she got down to specifics and offered some great guidance for questions I had. I definitely recommend her services. I had both the tarot reading and natal chart reading and she blew my mind!! I definitely trust her!!💗

Margo Gignac
I neededddd this

Exactly what I needed spot on… She’s always honest about both sides of everything whether it’s hard to hear or not! So reliable I love Kayla with all of my heart ♥️

Unbelievably accurate

I have never gotten a reading from kayla that wasn’t spot on!! Kayla is the best