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natal chart interpretation | astrological birth chart analysis combined with aspects of human design  

unraveling the complexities + mysteries of the birth chart will unlock the blueprint to your personalized, specific cheat codes in this life — it reveals your predetermined strengths, weaknesses, major events, childhood trauma, how to heal, what to avoid, and everybody’s favorite: your life purpose & personal pleasure — what will make you truly happy in this life (and how to achieve it despite your hardships!) 

investing in a natal chart reading from myself requires no previous understanding of astrology, i walk you through each step and provide an in depth explanation of each detail that’s discussed in combination with the basic practices of human design. teaching and applying these systems requires an immense degree of mathematical and astronomical study, in which leaves us with an incredibly intricate outline of specific times, ages, events, relationships and milestones specific to your personal timeline. 

astrology, in all forms, is to be consumed only as a tool of navigation, rather than a black and white response to all of your deepest questions. i will explain to you in depth the energy that is present in your chart, the possible storylines that are prominent in your near and far future, how to pivot to your desired destination rather than living on autopilot in a world that doesn’t allow you to reach your highest potential, all essentially peeling back the layers of the onion to get to the center of yourself through the vessel of pattern recognition, rectifying dates, and predicting the future. 

this is educationally + intuitively focused — for somebody with none to moderate knowledge about astrology, seeking a strong grasp at understanding the language, terminology, and reason for drawing the conclusions i’ve arrived to based on your chart. we cut through the surface level personality traits of your sun sign + get straight to the juicy gems of wisdom your chart holds.

you will exit this reading with a crystal clear understanding of why you’re here, where you come from, where you’re going + how to navigate the world in a way that best suits YOU.


what you will receive:

- a visual of your birth chart including your planetary placements, as well as supporting and conflicting aspects

- a private youtube link (for your eyes only) to view at your leisure and refer to in the future that provides an in depth description, explanation and interpretation of every mentioned placement and aspect

- intuitive channeled messages as well as detailed predictions that are prominent in your chart 

- a description of your purpose in this life as well as “past life” energy you need to shed / suggestions to remove and preventing energetic blockages or stagnancy

- a rundown of your human design, how to make decisions, and the best approach to make your life as easy as possible

- a love oracle interpretation

- major arcana tarot interpretation for guidance 


find the more affordable "lite” version here  

ps — 

absorb your reading when you can give it free, undivided attention

keep an open mind and be ready to reach back in your memory, or stretch your perspective to possibilities near or far to your predetermined expectations 

be willing to be honest with yourself and hear what you need to hear, rather than only what you want



* please leave your birth date, time + city in the notes section when placing your order — i cannot provide the reading without this 



Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
a master of her craft

I am truly stunned by Kayla's abilities. While I will say I had to wait a month, it was more than worth the wait. Honestly, you cannot rush this level of professionalism, knowledge, and detail. This kind of work can be incredibly draining, tapping into other people's energies and such, so to be able to deliver such personally crafted readings in such high volume astonishes me.

Every single detail she mentioned has been something I've either experienced or learned in life, right down to the niche nicknames I have for certain things that have appeared in my life. I sat there listening with my jaw DROPPED. Also her voice is so soothing and genuine, and as she delivers the reading it felt as if my world slowed down for a moment. Not only does she unveil your story in great detail, but slows down to teach you the nuances as well. This was incredibly refreshing and reassuring that I am headed in the right direction. I will absolutely be working with her again in the future!



Kiara Feliz
Ghosted - Unprofessional

I reached out after the recommended two-week wait period because I hadn’t received my reading, and I was ghosted on TikTok, by email, on Insta. I never received my reading nor did I receive any replies to my five attempts to contact her and her team.

Jennifer Mien Mien Lin
A seer of the highest order

I was introduced to to Kayla from one of my dearest friends and also colleague

I want to say that this woman is not only a seer of the most highest order, the way with which she interprets your chart is with a sort of genius and gift that is rare in this world of snake oil charmers. She articulates herself with a powerful and mastery that is unnerving, the accuracy and precision to express very complex emotions and interpretations she does with a gentleness and piercing authenticity that really separates her from many others. There is a compassion, grace and verve through which she channels her magic- this is a someone who is meant to do what she does.

Her language is familiar, warm yet the veracity of her understanding of the complexity of the psyche, the unconscious and the mysticism of this practice is a mastery I feel so privileged to have encountered.

She cuts through all the detritus, the mess with sense of humanity that I’ve yet to experience

She said things that no one could possibly know about my life.

Kayla, you are magical. Without question, as someone who is highly pragmatic yet spiritual, she doesn’t beat around the bush.

Thank you Kayla, you are a gift.

Love Jennifer


Kayla’s understanding of astrology and the human experience makes her an EXCELLENT astrologer. I will work with her again and again.