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who you are, why you're that way, what feels most familiar to you, what you need to grow from, challenges you will face, what you're avoiding, where you're guided, who you will become, and what will fulfill you most, and how to get there.

interchangable for somebody looking for a career reading that aligns with their soul given purpose.


* please leave your birth date, time + city in the notes section when placing your order — i cannot provide the reading without this 



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Very insightful

By far the most in-depth reading I have received. Kayla took her time and explored a lot of different options. I really appreciate her perspective and no nonsense way of communicating

Incredible investment to help guide you towards your calling

This reading was fabulous, over an hour and super in depth. Kayla is a really gifted astrologer but she also has a beautiful/intuitive way of giving examples that can help you see how certain transits will look in real life situations. More than anything it’s just super affirming. Thank you !!! ❤️⭐️

career that aligns with life purpose reading

if you saw my last review please disregard it because kayla did respond immediately to fufil my reading which i appreciate a ton. i've followed kayla for a year or two now, i respect her so much as an astrologer, and i was looking forward to getting a reading from her for so long. im happy to say that her reading did not disappoint, she went in depth into all areas of my chart to cover how my career ties into my life purpose. i watched it over a few times so i could really digest the information that she gave me. kayla gave me a lot of confidence in who i am and my journey and what thats supposed to look like. i always think its the coolest thing when different aspects of your chart reiterate the same concept, which is what she touched on in my reading is that a lot of my planets, signs, degrees, and aspects all reiterate the same theme in my life. i mention that to say, as a person with doubts, seeing something over and over again helps me to believe in it more and quiets the doubts that i previously had. everything kayla said also tracks with what other astrologers have said to me, so you can trust that her reading will be accurate as well!!! as far as the content of my reading matching up with my life... ill have to see it play out a bit more i think my career is very underdeveloped at the current moment, but even then all the examples pertaining to career that kayla talked about are things im interested in pursuing. i would order from her again because she was extremely kind, gave me some confidence and direction and i think she accomplished what i was hoping to get out of the reading! :)

Update! Life Purpose Reading

Updated Review: I have received my order from Kayla and the wait did not disappoint. Her insight and knowledge were such an incredible experience, I felt heard, seen, and Kayla's intuition was spot on. I could not even begin to image the quantum leap/transition Kayla has had to power through in regards to family and business - and understand that these types of situations happen; I appreciate the transparency Kayla has provided and she was so sweet to not only write me an extensive email, but was so kind to even apologize to clear the air during my reading, which she did an incredible job on. (I'm still taking it all in!) I will definitely will be using Kayla in the future - I could not recommend Kayla enough!

Brianna Reisenwitz
Life purpose reading

Kayla is amazing. This is my second reading from her and I’m blown away again. She’s so informative without being overwhelming, and I love that she gives examples and tries to explain how certain things may look in my life. She was completely on point as usual and it gave me the clarity I needed to move forward. I can’t recommend her enough!