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Astrological Birth Chart / Natal Chart Reading & Interpretation 

Unraveling the mysteries of the birth chart will unlock the blueprint to your personalized, specific cheat codes in this life. It reveals your predetermined strengths, weaknesses, major events, childhood trauma, how to heal, what to avoid, and everybody’s favorite: your life purpose & personal pleasure — what will make you TRULY happy in this life (and how to achieve it despite your hardships!) 

private natal chart reading from myself will cover all aspects of life, such as your childhood trauma, hardships you faced as a young adult, synastry and compatibility with those around you, inner conflict within yourself, strengths & weaknesses both in your personal life and career path, your perspective on the world around you, and where you fit in the larger picture. 

Astrology is simply a learned practice that serves as a metaphysical approach to personal development and introspection. Learning, teaching and applying these systems requires an immense degree of mathematical and astronomical study, in which leaves us with an incredibly intricate outline of specific times, ages, events, relationships and milestones specific to your personal timeline. 

Astrology, in all forms, is to be consumed only as a tool of navigation, rather than a black and white response to all of your deepest questions. I will explain to you in depth the energy that is present in your chart, the possible storylines that are prominent in your near and far future, and how to pivot to your desired destination rather than living on autopilot in a world that doesn’t allow you to reach your highest potential.


What you will receive:

- A visual of your birth chart including your planetary placements, as well as positive and negative aspects alike

- A privated youtube link (for your eyes only) to view at your leisure and refer to in the future that provides an in depth description, explanation and interpretation of the mentioned placements and aspects

- Channeled messages as well as detailed predictions that are prominent in your chart 

- A description of your purpose in this life as well as “past life” energy you need to shed / energy that you inherited from your parents lives prior to your conception 


You NEED your exact birth time & location (enter in order notes)

PS - Please...

Absorb your reading when you can give it free, undivided attention

Keep an open mind and be ready to reach back in your memory, or stretch your perspective to possibilities near or far to your predetermined expectations 

Be willing to be honest with yourself and hear what you NEED to hear, rather than only what you want

Enjoy the reading and see it as a positive experience to grow into your best self :)


* Please, choose not to get a reading from myself, ensure that you invest in a credible, dedicated source as there is far too much misinformation and corner cutting in this field that takes advantage of vulnerable people looking for answers. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Never received my reading

BEWARE. Please don’t waste your money like I did! Paid for a reading and never received it. Also did not receive a response to any of my emails asking where my reading is it and it’s been months!

It's all starting to click now! Thank you, Kayla <3

I received this birth chart reading from Kayla a bit over a year ago and while at the time most of what she said resonated with me, it didn't completely click for me then. Fast forward to now and I'm beginning to feel a shift within me that's gradually getting more intense- like I'm at a crossroads in life, so theres a lot of confusion about what direction I should be taking (mainly in my career). I randomly remembered Kayla's reading and decided to listen to it again, which turned out to be exactly what I needed- one year later and it's clear now that Kayla hit the nail on the head with my reading.

Hearing Kayla read my chart was like hearing someone who knows me much better than I know myself tell me who I really am at my core- my deepest desires, my deepest fears, but most importantly, my potential. I know I've been repressing myself in many ways which is hindering me from moving forward in my life, and Kayla was able to bring to the forefront of my mind the ways in which I am holding back. It was an honest reading but it was also encouraging- the dreams I have for myself have always felt too big for me so it was reassuring to hear from Kayla that the path I want for myself is the path I'm meant to be on.

I am super impressed with my reading! Before this, even though I enjoyed astrology, I didn't completely believe in it 100% (especially birth chart readings) but now I'm fully convinced this is legit and it's so cool to learn about. Kayla is so talented and skilled, I definitely plan on going to her again in the future. I'm so glad I got this gift for myself and so grateful to Kayla for the reading and all the supportive messaged throughout it <3

Jessica Moore
Will book other readings

Kayla is honestly so amazing, I really enjoyed my reading. I listened to it twice, once in October and again today in March, and I just have to commend her for how organized and thorough it is.

After listening to it again, i can confirm that I left this reading feeling fulfilled (unlike with some other readings I’ve had) and inspired. I loved the different perspectives that she provided and how she connected things as she went along. It’s a great reading to have to look back on and listen to during different stages of life (even if it’s just a few months apart).

She’s super kind and personable, and if you’re hesitant I promise you won’t regret it, I highly recommend booking a reading.


You will not regret your reading!!!

I have recommended Kayla to friends, family, and coworkers.

She provides so much insight and knowledge that it’s impossible to retain all of the information in one listen. I also really enjoyed how she kept trying to guess what I did for a living as we uncovered more and more information! It was fun to hear the perspective and compare it to what I actually do. It made it feel much more personal then other readings. Thanks Kayla!! You’re the best ❤️

Brianna Reisenwitz
Birth chart reading

Kayla did this reading for me several months ago. It was so in depth and specific that I’ve watched it multiple times, and I pick up something new every time. Everything she said totally resonated, and she knew specific details about my life that I didn’t even know you could see in a chart. I love the format of the reading bc I can go back to it whenever. You can tell she really puts a lot of thought and consideration into her readings. If you’re looking to understand more about yourself and astrology in general, I highly recommend!