I'm Kayla, I'm 23, I've been studying astrology for 15 years and entrepreneurship for 5.

I do a little bit of everything -- I'm a business owner, an astrologer, a tarot reader, marketing/branding business coach, an investor, a reader and a dreamer.

My family and I struggled financially growing up, so I feel a lot of passion and responsibility towards helping people in that same situation not only great generational wealth, but enjoy the process of it by monetizing something they love.

I try to make this as simple as possible through my products and services. If you're anything like me, you spent years googling how to make money, a lot of it, from home, quick. Or how to start your own business for cheap. Or how to get rich without trading in all of your time, energy and freedom.

Firstly, if I have to be the one to break it to you - theres no get rich quick hack thats actually ethical and sustainable. That's why I try to make my products and services as easy to understand as possible, even for those without much starting capital or experience. Once I struck gold, I knew I had to share how I did it.

I have a special more exclusive community for those who want get ahead in life through my astrological findings, entrepreneurship hacks and tidbits of hidden information here. This is best for those on a budget. 

Aside from that, feel free to browse my site and explore my instagrampatreon, youtube, twitter, and tumblr. KMONEY.BIZ is a landing page portfolio of all I have to offer.

Join the club here and let's make some magic happen.